Future is always uncertain and it is important to overcome the fear of uncertainties. An important question that one needs to answer before deciding on future study would be where one sees itself post study with regards to career and living. By the time you decide on your future career you have a broader outlook of what is interesting to you in terms of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Economics, Psychology, etc. this will be a great help in selecting the right course. Second important factor would be employability, work culture, quality of life that would help to determine the future country to study. Once you have taken the all important first step of selecting the course and the country the next would be to prepare yourself to adapt to the culture and lifestyle of a particular country, though most of the universities have students from various countries, hence offering multiple cultures. It is this international exposure and the ability to adopt which will make you stand apart from the rest. Broaden your Horizons by developing life skills, adaptability and networking skills that are part of exposing oneself to multiple cultures.


The world is surely at your finger tips with the internet community growing at an exponential rate. There is nothing that would go unanswered when one researches on the web, except one’s own perceptions. Information can prove to be one’s own nemesis, if not used wisely. It is here where a human touch is so essential to help with SWOT analysis of own self. It is paramount to make the right choice of course to pursue, considering not only the future prospects but also ones passion, aptitude and quality of life. The scientific and methodical approach by a professional counselor really comes handy. This isn’t the 90’s when career choices were limited and there were either the brighter few or the one who could afford would think of going abroad to shape the future. More often people take the choice of studying abroad after graduation for better opportunities with regards to courses and career. Current scenario of study abroad has seen a sea of changes with more and more student willing to explore the world of education at a younger age. Freedom, responsibility and exposure are all part of the learning curve which is very helpful in shaping the future of any young adult, who pursues their career prospects abroad.