Making career choices is always more complex than what it looks like. The perplexities increase further while making the choice of the correct course along with the right country to study. It is in such a time when the mind is filled with predicaments and the heart is filled with options. Students need correct counseling to open their mind for a pragmatic view.

We at TnB education, try to reduce a gap between a parent and that all important friend, to help you in your career choices by conscious and scientific approach in selecting the right Country, University and Courses with broader horizons in mind.

Every individual is unique and so are their abilities. We try our best to understand each individual to recommend the right courses and country based on both, short and long term goals. It is paramount to identify one’s own strength, passion, aptitude and their ability to adapt to various situations and cultures to reach a correct decision. As it is said, well begun is half done.

The next important step is our assistance with the admission documentation and process and obtaining offer letters from preferred Institutions. We also provide Visa guidance and assistance. We take it up to provide information on culture and systems of the host country, to get the student oriented and prepared for the new way of living. We further assist in the travel planning, insurance and all pre travel requirements. The last but not the least would be to council the student to get rid of travel blues and anxiety of de-nesting